Storage in Llanelli

Storage in Llanelli

David Maskell Removals is one of the leading providers of residential and business storage in Llanelli. Our prices start from an affordable £1 per square foot, and we offer self-storage solutions in a safe and secure location.

One of the reasons for the popularity of our storage facilities is down to their flexibility. Our customers can rent units on a weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis.

Residential storage

Many people have a need to store some or even all of their personal belongings on a temporary basis. Arguably the biggest reason is when they are moving home and perhaps don’t have as much room in their new abodes as they thought for their worldly goods. Other times, people might be moving to a new home but cannot move their furniture and other items on the same day that they move out of their existing properties.

The good news is that David Maskell Removals can provide the perfect solution for anyone that requires domestic storage in Llanelli. We have a broad range of units that come in various sizes, allowing our customers the flexibility to choose a storage unit big enough to accommodate their possessions and keep their costs down.

What’s more, we can also provide our residential customers with optional insurance for their belongings for added peace of mind. With flexible contract terms from just seven days, and the best self-storage prices in Llanelli, it makes sense to contact David Maskell Removals to discuss your needs.

Business storage

David Maskell Removals also provides facilities for commercial storage in Llanelli. Our personalised solutions are ideal for the self-employed, and those that run office or workshop-based businesses.

There is no denying that Llanelli is the gateway to West Wales. As such, it offers a convenient location for companies that wish to store items such as archived documents, furniture, or even specialist machinery.

Here’s how we could help your business:

• Office moves. Is your organisation expanding and in desperate need of larger office space? If so, you may need a temporary location to securely store some of your business assets until you’ve settled into your new office

• The renovation of existing premises. If you need to have work carried out at your business location, it’s likely you may not have space to temporarily store some of your furniture and equipment. David Maskell Removals provides cost-effective solutions for temporary commercial storage in Llanelli

• You need secure off-site tool storage. Are you a self-employed contractor? And would you prefer not to leave your expensive tools and equipment in your van or home? If the answer to both questions is yes, it makes sense to rent a storage unit for your business. You have the flexibility to increase your storage space or rental term, plus optional insurance from just £5 per month will give you the extra cover you need for added peace of mind.

How to enquire about domestic and commercial storage in Llanelli

Are you ready to store your possessions in a safe, secure, and accessible environment? And do you want to receive good value for money from a professional provider? If so, contact David Maskell Removals today for a free no-obligation quote and to discuss your requirements in further detail