Self Storage Swansea

We all need a little more space. It seems that no matter how large our Swansea home, our garage or garden, it’s always so difficult to find somewhere to put all our possessions. We need to store items like winter clothes, sports equipment, tools and other things we don’t use every day. But we don’t want these products cluttering up our living areas or taking space away from more important things. This is where self storage comes in. Self storage is a concept which allows you, the customer, to rent an enclosure as large or small as you need to accommodate all these kinds of items. The site is secure and protected from the weather, and you can access it at any time during working hours.

Self storage units are also hired by small Swansea businesses, especially sole traders who work from home. These business owners need to store a bewildering array of items, from boxes of paper records for tax purposes and office equipment to tools and materials. When you run a business from your Swansea home, it can put a strain on you and your family if the home is used to store all these things.

Moving house can be a particularly stressful experience, and here at Maskell’s Removals and Storage we often meet customers who feel unprepared for their big move. If they have a large number of possessions or have left it until the last minute to start packing, this can lead to confusion and anxiety. Another mistake we see frequently is that householders underestimate the amount of space their things will occupy and fail to book enough removal vehicles. When using a removals service like Maskell’s of Swansea this problem can usually be rectified, but if you have booked a van and chosen to go it alone, such an error in judgement could prove disastrous.

But there are no such problems for those customers who choose to use our flexible self storage service. Units can be booked on a weekly, monthly or annual basis and you can choose which size best suits your needs. Simply pack away enough clothes, utensils and personal effects for a few days in a couple of suitcases. Then in the days leading up to your move, gradually transfer all your other small goods into your storage unit by car. When the day of the move comes around, all you need to deal with are your furniture and other large items, and the small suitcases containing your immediate belongings. Once all these important items are in place in your new home, you can start to bring everything else in a few boxes at a time. Everything can be put straight in its proper place, and you might even find this to be the perfect opportunity to declutter. Self storage solutions from Maskill’s of Swansea can take the headache out of moving home, giving you the time and space to get everything just as you would like it at your new residence.