Self Storage Carmarthen

Relax. All your Things are Safe.
With convenient self-storage options, Maskell Removals in Carmarthen is the best option for securely storing all your precious items. Let us store your things for you, so you don’t have to.

Why choose self-storage? Whether you’re moving locally or moving from abroad, storing inventory for a business, securing furniture while you house-hunt for the perfect home, simply looking to secure some priceless items, Maskell Removals offers an ideal self-storage solution.

They say never go into business with family. Know what else people should say? Never store things in a family member’s garage or attic; who knows if you’ll see it again since it’s hidden behind everything else! At Maskell Removals, all of your things are secure, and they won’t get lost or shoved behind boxes of friend’s things. They are exactly where you left them last.

Did you know that our self storage options include 24-hour security cameras? It’s true! That means you don’t have to worry about whether your things are safe or not; you know they are.

Need flexibility? No problem! If you need to store a few things for just a week, go ahead! Or, are you looking to store a collection of something you just don’t have room for, but can’t seem to part with? That’s okay with us! With both long and short term self-storage including weekly, monthly, and yearly contracts, we want to make sure that you get the best storage option in all of Carmarthen. Maskell Removals has you covered.

Always running out of packing tape and time? We make packing and storing your items easy! Maskell Removals offer great options to help you pack up your items, including bubble wrap, wardrobe cartons, boxes, and tape. Our packing list doesn’t end there though. Short on time? We’ll pack it for you with our packing service! Relieve any stress you had about getting everything boxed up in a timely fashion, while you let the professionals pack your important items for you.

Don’t fret about moisture damage because that’s not something that occurs at Maskell Removers. Our self-storage in Carmarthen guarantees that your self-storage unit is dry and clean. Whether you’re looking to store personal items or products or documents for a business, your inventory will remain clean and dry. Environmental damage can be absolutely heartbreaking for personal items, and devastating for business products intended to be sold. We guarantee that our clean and dry storage units will keep your items protected from environmental factors.

The only person who has access to your convenient self-storage space is you. Whether you decide to bring your own lock, you are the only person who will have the key to your storage space.

Our family-run team is committed to providing you with an excellent customer service experience so that you feel comfortable storing your items securely at Maskell Removals.

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We at Maskell Removals pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. We guarantee you’ll be confident with your self-storage choice.