Commercial Removals Swansea

One of the most important considerations when a business moves to a new premises is to minimize the interruption to your operations that the move will inevitably cause. At Maskill’s Removals and Storage of Swansea, we realise that commercial moves are an entirely different beast to your every day house removal, and need to be treated as such.

When our domestic customers are getting ready to move home, they often book a few days off work to allow themselves some breathing room. But as a business, to shut down operations while everything is moved to a new site is just not an option. The wages still need to be paid, customers still need your services and you may have ongoing contracts which must be honoured. So, what advice would commercial removals experts have for Swansea firms planning to move premises in the near future?

First of all, don’t take with you anything you don’t have to! Do you have any paperwork in storage which is out of date and no longer needs to be kept? Get rid of it before the move. Will you have new office furniture and stationery at your new location? Leave the old ones behind, don’t have them uselessly cluttering up your new Swansea offices.

The next key to successful commercial removals is to plan ahead. Give all your staff the chance to visit the new facility and see where they will be working, where the office machines will be situated, and so on. Check that there are enough electrical sockets and other services available to run the equipment you intend to bring. Pay particular attention to Wi-Fi connectivity.

If possible, plan a phased transition of staff to your new building. This way services such as sales and telephone customer support can be maintained throughout the transition. Successful commercial removals can be almost seamless, and hopefully none of your affiliates or customers will notice any change. Don’t switch any service over to the new office until the department are ready. If some staff are able to multitask at the new branch, this will help the changeover to go smoothly. Once all your operations are being handled from the new premises it’s time to finally shut down the old office.

Hire a Swansea removal service with extensive experience in commercial and industrial removals. Their expertise may just get you out of any unexpected situation which may arise, and trust us, they will! There is no guaranteed formula for a successful move, but by having the right people on your side you can put yourself in the best possible position to have everything go off without a hitch.

Maskill’s are a Swansea based company who have been serving local businesses and households since 1982, so you can be sure we have the experience to make your move go smoothly as possible. We can supply packing materials for transporting fragile items, and we regularly arrange storage for companies who do not wish to move all their goods at once.