Storage Carmarthenshire

Are you looking for a friendly, helpful storage service in the Carmarthenshire area? Give Maskell’s Removals and Storage a call, or contact us via the website. We can offer storage units of all sizes, with prices starting from just £1.00 per square foot. We can also arrange insurance for your stored goods, and have weekly, monthly and yearly contracts available.
The storage industry has boomed in recent decades, as more and more people realise the advantages of having somewhere other than at home or at work to keep bulky possessions. Whether its items associated with your profession, hobby or lifestyle, you can free up your living and working spaces by putting all those bulky items into storage until they are needed.
Lots of different people like to use our self storage service, from large businesses to private individuals. If you are in business, you may find your premises is not large enough to hold all the stock or materials you require. Our storage service is local to all Carmarthenshire businesses, so it will be no inconvenience if you decide to store away some of your stock with us until it is needed. Then, you can come and collect the goods from the unit, or we can bring it to you. Other businesses choose to store tools and machinery which are not used frequently, but take up a great deal of space. Or what if you have extensive paper based records and documentation? Those filing boxes can take up a huge amount of valuable space, but you may need to refer to them infrequently or never. In these cases, a storage service local to Carmarthenshire can take the headache out of your document storage and free up all that space at your business premises to be used in other, more productive ways.
Other users of our storage units include Carmarthenshire tradespeople. Site workers such as joiners, decorators and electricians may have large items of equipment like work benches or scaffolding which are not required on every job. Its simply isn’t practical or economical to carry these items around all the time in a work van, and their just isn’t room for them at home. Our convenient Carmarthenshire self storage units are the obvious choice, we’ll keep it until you need it.
More and more, householders are coming to us to store personal possessions which are taking up too much room at home. Items include: classic cars and motorcycles; sports equipment like skis, surfboards and mountain bikes; recreational items like inflatable dinghies, exercise machines and gym gear; unused furniture and decorating materials; old documents and tax records to name but a few. As Carmarthenshire has become more affluent, its residents have accumulated more material possessions and need workable storage solutions.
Maskell’s Removals and Storage also offer a full range of removals and packing services, so if you are moving house or your business is changing premises, book with Maskell’s and benefit from our Carmarthenshire based storage services during and after your move.


Price list for packaging updated 15th feb 2021 (30kb)